"Tying knots and carving leather, that's what brings this craft together."


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May 19-20, 2018


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About the Craft

ATTN: we are in the process of working on our site, so please do not mind the limited pictures and info!

Leather goods! Hand knotted and braided leather jewelry, knotlings (dolls), dragons, masks, bags, pouches and accessories.

This craft is considered Marlingspike knotting and comes from the American and British whaling ships in the 1800's and a small chunk comes from the Gauchos (Mexican cowboys). Knots were a crucial part of the ship and every sailor had to learn every different kind of knot and their function. Today, the importance and even the use of knots has died down a significant amount, yet there are still decorative knots being used. That is the main focus of this craft.    

*Each knot is hand tied using a single strand and ends where it began.

The process

Leather Jewelry:

All of the leather comes from kangaroo hide and is hand stripped, beveled, dyed, and carnauba creamed (conditioner).
*Kangaroo leather is the best for knotting and braiding due to the fact that it is very light weight and has the best abrasion and tensile strength which makes it the toughest leather around. 

*All of the jewelry have a knotted and braided toggle and loop closure for easy on/off and durability.

Leather Masks:

Each mask is made from a hand drawn template, cut out of a hide and is hand carved, tooled and painted using acrylic paint then varnished for protection from wear and weather. All masks are made using cow leather. Masks either have a hand knotted and braided leather headband, which is more durable and lasts longer, yet the pricier choice, or a paracord or ribbon headband, which is the cheaper option.

Leather Knotlings:

These dolls are our own creation and are all hand braided, knotted and hand painted using acrylic paint. Some knotlings have more work put into them, including carving and tooling. We mostly offer Holiday themed knotlings and fantasy knotlings.

Leather Dragons:

These guys are also our own creation and come in 4 different sizes. They are also hand knotted and braided. They come in many different colors!

How business is done:

As you can see, this website is for viewing our products, not purchasing. We mostly do craft shows and we also have an etsy.

The best way to contact us is to shoot us an Email, since we always check it. We love to do custom orders, so if there is something you would like special for you or a loved one, let us know, we would be happy to work with you!